IrisBG comes as a standard package with a set of optional modules. This will enable you to choose the configuration that is suitable to your requirements and budget.

Standard Package

IrisBG Standard Package logo

The Standard Package manages a comprehensive set of botanical collection data, including plant history and related information such as taxa with synonyms, authors, images, collectors, contacts, references, tasks, inspections etc.

Optional Modules

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Display and update map coordinates for your accessions, garden areas and the origin of your accessions. Use your own maps or choose between a wide range of internet map service providers, including Bing maps, OpenStreetmap, etc.

IrisBG Garden Explorer logo

Garden Explorer
Publish your plant collection on the web, which can be accessed from PC’s, smartphones and tablet computers. QR code integration is available “out of the box”.

IrisBG Mobile logo

IrisBG Mobile
Update your plant collection, take photo’s and update map coordinates out in the garden using a handheld device.

IrisBG Garden Explorer logo

Store Management
Prepare catalogues and handle orders on material (i.e. seeds, plants etc) you are offering.

IrisBG Index Seminum logo

Index Seminum
Publish your catalogue and receive orders on the web.

IrisBG Preserved Collection logo

Preserved Collection
Record all your preserved plant material alongside your living plant collection.

IrisBG Data Import logo

Data Import
Import data directly into IrisBG.

IrisBG Multilingual logo

Multilingual Data Entry
Record your collection data in multiple langauges.


Our price calculator will help you find the cost of a configuration that meets your requirements.

Last Updated 07 Oct 2016
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