The IrisBG Office Add-in’s are a set of productivity tools to help you prepare data for import and process exported data (reports/plant labels).

The add-in’s are free to download and are compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 for Windows (Excel and Word).

Excel Add in

Data Import Tools

Split Taxon Name

The Split Taxon Name function is found in the IrisBG tab on the Excel ribbon.

This function will process a selection of cells containing a full taxon name and split the names into dedicated columns that will match the IrisBG data import fieldnames.


Acer negundo subsp. negundo var. texanum

Genus Species InfraType1 InfraName1 InfraType2 InfraName2
Acer negundo subsp. negundo var. texanum

Quote Cells

The Quote cells function is made for cultivar columns and is found in the IrisBG tab on the Excel ribbon.

The function will check all selected cells (column) and add single quotation marks around the text if they are missing.

Change Case

The Change Case function will change the selected text to Sentence case, UPPER CASE, lower case or Title Case.

Divide Sheet

The Divide Sheet function will create a set of new spread sheets with a given maximum number of rows per spread sheet. The function will also remove any built in formulas to make the new sheets ready for data import.

This function is particularly handy for large data imports or image imports that can be very resource intensive, especially with high resolution images.

The new files will be suffixed _001.xlsx, _002.xlsx, etc.

Ready for Import

The Ready for Import function will save a copy of the spreadsheet where formulas have been replaced by the calculated values in the cells.
The data import only supports basic formulas, so this function will make it possible to import any type of spread sheet, regardless of how complicated the formulas are.

Note: You will not need to use this function if your spread sheet is without any formulas.

Labelling and Report Tools

Tagged To Italic

The Tagged To Italic function is found in the IrisBG tab on the Word and Excel ribbon.

In accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature (ICN), the scientific part of a taxon name should ideally be printed in italic type. The data exported from Iris does not include support for typographic emphasis. To adhere to ICN you would have to change the typography manually, which can be time consuming. To help our users, we have added a new field named TaxonNameFullTagged. In this field, all parts of the name that should be italicized are surrounded with curly braces.


{Aconitum} {lycoctonum} L. subsp. {moldavicum} (Hacq.) Jalas

The Tagged to Italic function will convert the text above to the following:

Aconitum lycoctonum L. subsp. moldavicum (Hacq.) Jalas

Create PivotTable

A Pivot Table is a special Excel tool that allows you to summarize and explore data interactively and is an ideal companion to the statistical reports found in IrisBG.

To use the Create PivotTable function, select the columns you would like to include and click the button. The Create PivotTable dialogue will give you the most common options. The resulting table can be adjusted further directly in Excel.

Unzip Image Report

The Unzip Image Report can be used to open the zip file produced by the "Accession Objects / Accession Images" report. The zip file content will be converted to a spreadsheet with a column of image thumbnails.


Download and installation

To install the add-ins please download the relevant zip file below and run the “setup.exe” program. The installation will require administrative privileges to the PC.

Microsoft Excel 2010/2013/2016 for Windows

Microsoft Word 2010/2013/2016 for Windows

Last Updated 28 Mar 2017
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