Update your plant collection whilst out in the garden


IrisBG Handheld is an App made to view and update your plant collection on a smartphone or tablet. The App is available for Android and Apple iOS.

For details about IrisBG Mobile for Windows Embedded Handheld, please visit the IrisBG Mobile page.

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No need for a live data connection

  • Changes made using the App are synchronized with your main system using the IrisBG App Manager.
  • The IrisBG App Manager is installed on your Windows computer alongside the IrisBG Desktop installation.

Search, update and record new accessions

  • Accessions can be found based on your current location or by searching for accession number, planting number, scientific name, location, family, etc.
  • Core data can be retrieved and viewed for a given accession.
  • Details such as plant status, label type, label status, measurements, comments, etc., can be updated.
  • New accessions and new planting can be recorded.
  • A complete log of the recently opened accessions is available in the history log on the App.
  • Take pictures of a plant with the app and add the photo directly to the relevant accession.


  • The location of all plants related to an accession can be displayed on a map.
  • The location of all matching accessions from a search can be displayed on a map.
  • Map coordinates can be updated directly on the map or by using the integrated GPS.
  • Choose between the supplied maps from Bing and Open Street Map or upload your own custom maps.

Tasks and Tree Inspections

  • Search for all plants related to a task or inspection.
  • Comprehensive support for updating tasks and inspections will be added later in 2018.

Barcode scanning

  • Fully integrated barcode scanning using Zebra Android devices is supported.
  • Alternatively, barcodes can be scanned using the integrated camera.
  • Full support for scanning Garden Explorer QR codes is available. For more details about IrisBG QR code integration, we recommend you read the article on our blog, Getting started with QR Codes in your garden.

IrisBG App Manager

  • Use IrisBG App Manager on the Windows Desktop computer to manage the dataflow between your App and the main system.
  • Upload a fresh app dataset to the IrisBG App Service.
  • Download changes made using the App to the IrisBG inbox.
  • Upload your own custom maps to be used by the app.
  • Deactivate app licences and order new licences.

Requirements and recommended devices

How to install or try out

  • The IrisBG Handheld App can be downloaded directly from relevant App Store (links below).
  • After installing the App, Select "Explore other gardens" to try out the app.
  • Click for details on how to install IrisBG App Manager and activate IrisBG Handheld.
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Last Updated 12 Oct 2018
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