This installation guide assumes general knowledge about how to install software on Windows computers. The guide gives you a description of how to upgrade IrisBG version 3 to the latest version. If you are using a network management tool to install software on multiple networked computers, please follow the instructions for that product.

Before you begin, make sure the following is available:

  1. A Windows computer running Windows XP or later version (32 or 64 bit) with IrisBG version 3 installed.
  2. The latest setup for IrisBG version 3.
  3. If applicable, the latest setup for IrisBG Mobile Synchronizer.

Please ensure that any changes on IrisBG Mobile handhelds are synchornized before you start the upgrade.

Upgrading IrisBG on the client Windows computer

  1. Logon to the computer with administrator privileges.
  2. Run the IrisBG3.msi.
  3. Start the program and logon to verify the installation.

Any upgrades to the SQL database schema will be performed by the software when the first user with the new version has logged in. After the first user with a new version has logged in, subsequent users will be stopped from logging in until they have upgraded to the same version.

Upgrading IrisBG Mobile and IrisBG Mobile synchronizer

  1. Upgrade IrisBG mobile sync by unzipping the file and run “setup.exe”.
  2. Start the IrisBG Mobile Synchronizer to verify the installation.
  3. Upgrade the software and database on handheld device.
    1. Select "Installation" tab from IrisBG Mobile Sync.
    2. Select "Install software on handheld" and follow instructions.
    3. Select "Install database on handheld" and follow instructions.
  4. Start IrisBG mobile on the handheld to verify the installation.
Last Updated 05 Aug 2015
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