The first version of IrisBG was developed by Øyvind Rustan in 1996 in close collaboration with the Botanical Garden, University of Oslo (Norway). In 2004, version 2 was introduced and successfully adopted by the majority of botanic gardens in Norway. In 2007, Botanical Software Ltd was established in the UK to offer IrisBG to the global market. Version 3, introduced in 2010 based on the sister product Corema, was a full redesign and substantial upgrade of IrisBG that offered support for multiple collection sites, zoological or botanical nomenclature, preserved and living material, integrated mapping, report customization, data import, custom fields, and much more. Since 1996, IrisBG has been carefully curated in close collaboration with the community and is, arguably, the most comprehensive integrated software solution available for botanic gardens today.

The system is distributed by Digital Forvaltning AS (Norway) and Botanical Software Ltd (International).

UK office - International sales

Botanical Software Ltd
9 Priston
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1761 479350
Registered in England & Wales No: 6357322

Norwegian office

Digital Forvaltning AS (Ltd)
Roterudvegen 6
N-2609 Lillehammer
Telephone: +47 61250091


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IrisBG shares the same data model and program code with the software package Corema (Collection and Research Management).
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The People behind IrisBG

The IrisBG team consists of people with an extensive knowledge of botany, as well as professional software engineering. We believe this is one of the key ingredients to creating a tool that is easy to use and can satisfy the most demanding requirements of the professional botanist.

Havard Ostgaard

Havard Ostgaard

Havard is the Manager of Botanical Software Ltd in the UK. He has a degree in Computer Science from University of Oslo and University of York. Havard has more than 25 years experience working with software design and development.

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Øyvind Rustan

Øyvind Rustan

Øyvind is the Manager of Compositae AS and Chairman of Digital Forvaltning AS in Norway. He is the Head Software Architect and Product Manager of IrisBG. He has a degree in Systematic Botany from University of Oslo and has published numerous botanical papers and scientific articles. After finishing his education in 1984 his keen interest in IT resulted in a long career working with software design and development in the public and private sector.

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Margherita Tinti

Margherita Tinti

Margherita is our Community Manager for the Spanish, French and German speaking regions. She has a degree in sociology and anthropology and is fluent in Spanish, German, French, Dutch and English.
Myrna Ostgaard

Myrna Ostgaard

Myrna helps out with all our written English text in addition to administrative work in the UK. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Utrecht.

Phil Callan

Phil Callan

Phil is our Marketing Advisor. Phil has more than twenty five years of experience in business to business sales, marketing and general management.
Louise Callan

Louise Callan

Louise is helping with our training programme. In addition, she is also involved in marketing work and documentation.
Alf Veland

Alf Veland

Alf is a Senior Partner and IT consultant specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). After completing his education in 1995, he has worked on a wide range of GIS projects for the private and the public sector.

Ketil Øyri

Ketil Øyri

Ketil is a Senior Partner and IT consultant specializing in IT Security and infrastructure. Ketil has more than 25 years of experience working as project manager and IT consultant in the private and the public sector.

Kjell Bitnes

Kjell Bitnes, 1949-2011

After a long period of illness, our close friend and senior partner Kjell passed away on Monday the 28th of November. He will be sorely missed by us all, but his enthusiasm, friendliness and generosity will remain with us in our memories of him. Our thoughts and heartfelt sympathies go out to his family. 

The photo below was taken after completing our annual meeting in 2007, held in Bath, UK.
Ketil Øyri
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