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Complete solution for your garden

IrisBG aims to provide you with all the software tools you need to manage your botanical collection. On top of a very feature rich solution for managing preserved and living plant material, IrisBG also offers fully integrated maps, support for handheld devices, online Index Seminum with order management and the possibility to share your plant collection with your visitors through our Garden Explorer web solution.

Since it was introduced in 1996, IrisBG has been carefully curated in close collaboration with the community and is arguably the most comprehensive integrated software solution available for botanic gardens today.

If you find that there are features missing, we would be very interested to hear from you, and would in most cases try to incorporate your request in an upgrade as part of our regular maintenance plan.

Low total cost

From the start, our objective has been to create a product that is easy and efficient to use, requires the minimum of technical maintenance and is unburdened by third party licence fees. This strategy gives our customers a professional product at a very low and predictable total cost of ownership.

Many gardens today struggle with solutions that are unreliable, inefficient and require a lot of technical maintenance. These solutions are often introduced at a perceived low cost, though the total cost will turn out to be much higher.

Customer satisfaction

The ongoing dialogue we have with our customers allows us to constantly improve and enhance our product and services.

  • Read what our customers say on the testimonials page.
  • If you would like an introduction to speak to some of our users, please contact us.

A recent study by Cornell Graduate Emily Detrick on "current plant records practices, challenges, and solutions for historic gardens” included a user satisfaction survey where IrisBG came out as the only option with 100% user satisfaction. To view a pdf of the full poster, please click here.

Users Satisfaction Survey


A lot of effort has been put into the design of IrisBG to provide customers with as much flexibility as possible to alter the behaviour of the system according to their requirements. This includes basic changes, such as planting status, to more advanced changes, such as taxonomic classification or accession numbering policy.

In most cases, the system will be installed with preconfigured settings based on the data migration from your legacy system.

Single or multiple gardens (collections)

IrisBG can be configured to manage one or several separate botanical collections (gardens) in one installation. The collections will share the taxonomy and some system wide settings, but you can differentiate user access to each collection and specify different settings, such as accession numbering policy, accession numbering format, etc.

The IrisBG Cloud Hosted Database Service is a great option in a multi garden scenario, as the database can be accessed from any location with internet connection.

Read more about using IrisBG with multiple collections.

Cloud database option

IrisBG can be implemented to fit your specific requirements.

  • Install the whole system and database on a single PC or laptop.
  • Install IrisBG in a multi user environment using a local network database.
  • With our Cloud Hosted Database Service you can install IrisBG in different locations using the internet as your infrastructure.

With the cloud hosted database service, you no longer have to worry about backups and database maintenance. The database can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

Read more about our Cloud Hosted Database Service..

Data Migration

We have many years of experience in transferring data from a wide range of databases. In addition to moving all your data from your legacy system, our data transfer service also includes data laundry and optional upgrade to the APG III classification. As part of the service we will supply our customers with a detailed report of the data transfer results.

Read more about our Data Migration service.

Regular updates

We are committed to delivering a solution that is technologically up-to-date and covers all our customers' requirements. New updates are made available at least twice a year and will, in addition to technical improvements, include new features and improvements based on feedback from the community.

Garden Visitors

Visitors' web access

With the Garden Explorer module you can make your collection available to your visitors. Garden Explorer can be accessed by the public using a web browser on a Smartphone, Tablet computer or PC. It can also be used as a kiosk-solution in the garden.

Visitors can search for plants, garden features and tours, which can be viewed on a map with integrated support for GPS. The solution has built-in support for plant labels with QR codes and RFID tags and can also be set up with support for multiple languages, including non-Latin and right-to-left text.

Read more about the Garden Explorer.

Using IrisBG

Easy to use

We have great respect for the time employees spend at work. Professionals, such as curators and gardeners, want to focus on their professional skills and not spend time trying to understand tools that are unnecessarily complicated and difficult to use. IrisBG has been designed with great attention to usability and simplicity.

Our aim is to create a technologically stress-free environment in which all employees in the garden will be able to work efficiently.


Free self-paced online training with Q&A follow-up is included with each purchase. We can also offer training with an instructor, which can be hosted via the internet, on-site or off-site. The instructor led training is adapted to your particular situation.

Read more about our training options.

Customer support

We are committed to giving our customers all the necessary support to ensure a worry free and productive experience of our product. You can get in touch with us by email, through the user forum and by telephone. When needed, we also have tools for online meetings and screen sharing.

In addition to our online forum, we also offer our customers access to our video tutorial library and online training, which are all available 24/7/365.

Data entry in any language

IrisBG has full Unicode support for data entry and can handle all of the left to right writing systems that are supported by Microsoft Windows including Chinese and Japanese.

Right-to-left text, such as Arabic and Hebrew, are supported with some limitations.

In addition to full Unicode support, IrisBG also offers the capability to enter data in multiple languages using the Multilingual data entry feature. Multilingual data can be published online to your Garden Explorer website providing a truly multilingual experience for your garden visitors.


With our mobile solution, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on recordkeeping. Upload the complete database to the device, bring it out into the garden and update your accessions, map coordinates and take photos as you work through your collection in the field. Synchronize with the desktop system when you are back at the office.

Read more about IrisBG mobile.


IrisBG lets you show and update the location of plants, the localities where the plant material originates, areas in the garden or garden assets (features). You can use your own base maps or internet hosted map providers such as Bing, OpenStreetMap etc.

IrisBG includes mapping capabilities that are relevant for botanic gardens without the complexities you often find in Geographic Information Systems.

Read more about Mapping module.

Sophisticated image handling

IrisBG can be used as a main repository for all your high resolution plant collection images, or you can configure IrisBG to automatically downscale images to a preferred resolution to improve performance and conserve disk space. A wide range of image formats is supported. The user can rotate, zoom and pan the image which can also be displayed in full screen mode. Details relating to the image can be recorded.

Image storage is fully integrated with the database and can be configured to handle very large images on dedicated disks with increased performance and flexibility. You will have no issues with shared network drives and fragmented access control.

Flexible reports

A comprehensive set of reports, labels and data exports is included in the system with numerous possibilities for selection and sorting.

New reports, labels or data exports can be created by the end user, based on the standard reports included in the system. The data exports can be made in various formats or in standard xml-formats, such as Darwin Core.

High data quality

  • IrisBG is designed to avoid the need for duplication of data entry, e.g. when the name of a taxon is changed, this will immediately affect all relevant accessions.
  • When possible, the system will also stop users from entering incorrect data, such as incorrect dates, duplicate taxon names, etc.
  • Integrated web search makes it easy for users to verify nomenclature and name spelling against a wide range of online resources.
  • The search functionality is easy to use and flexible, ensuring that all users can find the information they are looking for.
  • The report and search facilities provide the user with an instant and up to date status of the collection.
  • With a role based system for data access and authorization, you can ensure that staff has the correct privileges and level of access to the data.
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