IrisBG Batch Jobs is a software tool to configure regular system tasks such as importing data and uploading data to IrisBG Garden Explorer. The software can be configured to send out email notification to a list of recipients after a Batch Job is finished.

IrisBG Batch Jobs is available free of charge to all IrisBG users.

Installation and Setup

The software can be downloaded from the IrisBG User Forum download page (Requires registration). The only requirement is that IrisBG is already installed on the computer.

After installation, start the program and configure the email settings. You can then add individual batch jobs and configure the jobs in the Batch Job Details Screen. More information is available in the integrated help.

Automatic Data Import

Having data imports run at regular intervals can be very useful when integrating IrisBG with other systems such as Digital Asset Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems.

Data can either be imported from files or by extracting data from a database.

With file import, you can configure a Hot folder where users can copy prepared files that will automatically be picked up by a Batch job at regular intervals.

In addition to importing files directly, IrisBG Batch Jobs can also automatically load data from other databases and convert this data to a CSV file to be imported directly into IrisBG. Several database platforms are supported, included Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and any OLE DB compatible data source (Sybase, Access, ODBC, etc).

Automatic upload to Garden Explorer

Upload to Garden Explorer can now be executed at regular intervals using IrisBG Batch Jobs with the included convenience of support for email notification.

Automatic synchronization with the IrisBG Handheld App

Upload data to the App Service and download data to the IrisBG Desktop Inbox at regular intervals.

Automatic Data Export

Run a report with a predefined report filter on regular intervals and export the data to a file location. The report result can also be attached to the notification email.

Scheduling Batch Jobs

You can configure "Windows Task Scheduler" to start the job from the "Batch Job Dialogue". For more refined options, you can open the "Windows Task Scheduler" program from the dialogue.

To start a batch job from Windows Task Scheduler* or other scheduling software, run Iris3BatchJob.exe followed by the batch job name as a parameter. To start several batch jobs, please separate each name with a space.


*More details about the Windows Scheduler can be found here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/schedule-task#1TC=windows-7

Data Storage

All batch job settings, including IrisBG passwords and database connection details, are saved in an encrypted configuration file Iris.BatchJobs.config.

Last Updated 27 Aug 2019
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