IrisBG consists of the following software components:


The main IrisBG software package is a multi-user system that runs on Microsoft Windows XP or later versions (32 bit and 64 bit version). The system is built with Microsoft .NET and uses relational databases (SQL) for data storage. The software is designed with SQL database indenpendence in mind and is currently supported for Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite for trial database installations.

The system setup includes all the necessary software, excluding database files which are shipped seperatly. To use Microsoft Word templates to create labels, MS Word (version 2003 or later) must be present. The installation process is self-explanatory and expert assistance is usually not necessary.

IrisBG shares the same data model and program code with the software package Corema (Collection and Research Management). Visit for more details.

Implementing IrisBG

IrisBG can be installed on a standalone PC or in a multi-user enviroment. In a multi-user environment, the database can reside on a database server in your local network or on a cloud database service. Click on the sample diagrams to the right, or read the article: Examples of implementing IrisBG.


IrisBG is built entirely with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 technology. The .NET Framework is a software component platform developed by Microsoft Corporation and is considered by many to be the most modern and mature software development platform for the Windows Operating System. 

64 Bit Processing

From version 3.6.0, released early March 2016, IrisBG is able to execute as a native 64 bit process on 64 bit versions of Windows. With this improvement, IrisBG can process very large datasets when running on Windows x64. This capability is relevant for users who need to import large number of high resolution images or produce very big Excel based reports.

Please note that the same software installation can be used on 32 and 64 bit windows.

Native Language Support

IrisBG has full Unicode support for data entry and can handle all of the left to right writing systems that are supported by Microsoft Windows. Right-to-left text, such as Arabic and Hebrew, are supported with some limitations.

The user interface of IrisBG for Windows is currently delivered in English. However, the software is designed with multi language support in mind and we are interested in collaborating to create support for other languages where there is sufficient demand. Contact us for more details.

In the web module Garden Explorer, the user interface adapts to the browser language of the user, or can be changed manually by the user. Several languages are supported, including English (default), French, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Afrikaans and Norwegian. The architecure also offers full support for right-to-left languages (Hebrew/Arabic), including an adaptive layout to accommodate full reversal of all visual elements.

Access Control

Access control is managed by IrisBG using an internal role based access control system. User authentication can either be managed by IrisBG or by using LDAP network authentication such as Active Directory. Database access control management is limited to one system login established on installation. Using this model, you are protected from users making changes directly on the database (bypassing data validation rules and checks).

The role based system allows you to give groups of users different access to the screens in IrisBG. In a multi-garden installation, users can also have different roles in different gardens.

When changes are made to a record, the system will automatically attach the user-id and a timestamp to the record.

Software Upgrade Management

When a new version of the software is made available, we will send out an email to all our primary contacts. You acn decide if and when they would like to upgrade.

When a new version is installed, the software will automatically update the database with new changes when the user logs in. No database administration is needed.

The software will stop any users from logging in with an older version of the software.

We may from time to time release minor updates that can be installed and work alongside the same software build. These updates will have the same version and build number, but a higher revision number (Example - [Major].[Minor].[Build].[Revision]).

Database Platform

IrisBG has been designed with database vendor independence in mind. Currently, the software has been tested and is supported for Microsoft SQL Server (version 2008 R2 or later). This includes the free SQL Server Express Edition.

Support for other platforms, such as MySQL or MariaDB will be considered provided there is sufficient demand. The IrisBG trial database is installed using SQLLite. However, we do not recommend SQLite for a production environment, due to its lower performance.

In addition to support for locally hosted databases, IrisBG can also be supplied with a cloud database service. For more information, read our article: "IrisBG cloud database service".

Optional modules

Web Server Technology

The Index Seminum and the Garden Explorer modules are built with Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and Ajax technology. Currently both modules have been tested and are supported for Microsoft Internet Information Services. We will extend our web server support if there is sufficient demand.

Mobile Apps

IrisBG Handheld for Android and Apple iOS

IrisBG Handheld, designed for Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets is built using Xamarin .NET development tools. The IrisBG App Manager which is installed on the desktop to synchronize data between the App and the main database, is developed using Microsoft .NET Framework components. The IrisBG App Service is a Secure Web Service that works as an intermediary between the App and the App Manager and is developed using Microsoft .NET Framework components.

IrisBG Mobile for Windows Embedded Handheld

IrisBG Mobile is built for handheld devices using Microsoft Embedded Handheld (AKA Windows Mobile) using Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and Microsoft SQL Server Compact. In addition, IrisBG uses native software components from Motorola to integrate with Motorola barcode scanners. Please note that Windows Embedded Handheld is no longer being developed by Microsoft and access to mobile devices is limited. For a wider range of options and features, we recommend IrisBG Handheld for Android and Apple iOS.


For more information or to download the latest version of the supported databases, please click on the links below:

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