Using IrisBG for Multiple Collection Sites (Gardens)

IrisBG can be configured to manage multiple collection sites (garden, herbarium, seed bank, etc.) installed on one database. In this configuration, some data is shared between the collection sites, and some data is specific to each collection site. This option is not only more affordable than purchasing one licence for each plant collection, but it also provides you with the opportunity to share knowledge and data across your organisation with greater ease.

In this article, we will describe some of the key aspects in using IrisBG in a multiple plant collection environment.

Setting up

Each plant collection is configured under the “Management.Collections” screen. Most of the collection site setting will be configured when the data migration is done, but some aspects may need adjusting. Key settings that are related to each plant collection are:

  • Accession numbering type and format
  • Map configuration
  • Name and address details

Changing between collection site

After having logged on to IrisBG, you will see in the top left corner which plant collection site you are accessing. You can switch to another plant collection site by clicking on the active plant collection site button. Here, you will be presented with the “select collection” dialogue where you can define your default plant collection. Each user will only be given a choice of plant collections they have access to.

Sharing data

In the diagram below we have illustrated which parts of the system are shared between each collection, and which are collection specific.

Data model

Accessing the database

If the plant collection sites are located at separate locations, and the staff is not connected to the same data network, the cloud based database service provided by IrisBG can be a very convenient option. With IrisBG internet hosted database service, you can access your data securely from any PC with internet connection.


IrisBG has been designed with flexibility in mind, and the support for multiple plant collections can for some institutions be a convenient way of sharing resources between the different gardens.

Setup your IrisBG Trial with your own garden and map

The IrisBG trial is preconfigured with support for multiple collections (Gardens). If you would like to setup a new garden with your own map and collection settings, please follow the video below.

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