Getting Started with the IrisBG 60 Day Trial

If you have not received a trial version download link, please send a request for the latest version today.

The trial version of IrisBG can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows XP or later versions (32 or 64 bit). After installation, please start the program and login with user id “admin” and password “changeme”.

The trial database contains two sample plant collections. One Living collection with a small “Garden Herbarium” of approximately 1000 accessions and 15000 taxa. In addition, you will find a separate preserved collection of approximately 1000 accessions. You can switch between the two collections, by clicking the collection name in the top left corner. All the optional modules for the desktop version of IrisBG are available in the trial version.

Getting startedHurray

There are several options to help you get started with the trial version:

  • You can follow our video tutorials.
  • You can download the printable Getting Started (A4/Letter) and User Guide (A4/Letter).
  • Enroll in our online training program. By registering as a member of the IrisBG User Forum, you will automatically be enrolled in our online training program.
  • Join our monthly webinar and post your questions, participate in the discussions or just listen in on the topics being presented.
  • And finally, integrated help is available by pressing F1.

Setup your IrisBG Trial with your own garden map

The IrisBG trial is preconfigured with support for multiple collections (Gardens). If you would like to setup a new garden with your own map and collection settings, please follow the video below.

How to try the online Garden Explorer and Index Seminum?

You will find a link to a live demo for each module on the Garden Explorer and Index Seminum product page.

How to try IrisBG mobile?

A few videos which showcase the main features of IrisBG Mobile are available on the IrisBG Mobile product page. If you have a compatible mobile device available, a trial version of IrisBG Mobile can be supplied upon request.

Still unsure on how IrisBG can help your garden?

We are happy to help with any questions you may have. If you would like to discuss specific features or be given an in depth demonstration of IrisBG, please get in touch. We have tools to hold online meetings with individuals or with larger groups.

We hope you will be pleased with IrisBG and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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