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This event is running from 2 February 2017 until 4 June 2020. It is next occurring on December 5, 2019

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This webinar, scheduled to last 50 minutes, is a chance for you to ask questions and listen in on general discussions on using IrisBG.

If you already have questions or ideas about topics you would like us to cover during the sessions, please send them to us directly.


Our webinar will be held the first Thursday of the month at 3 pm Western European Time / 16:00 Central European time.

If the first thursday is a national holiday in USA, we will move the webinar to the following thursday.


  • North America : Eastern Standard Time 10:00
  • Indochina Time : 22:00

How to join?

To sign up, just send and email to

What is a webinar?

Think about it as a way to attend a conference without leaving your office or home. The speakers will be presenting examples on screen and you can listen via headphones, speakers on your computer or by telephone.

Requirements for joining the webinar

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • A Windows or Mac computer via web browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended). For audio, use computer speakers/head phones or call in via a national landline number.  For Safari or IE, use telephone for audio.
  • For a more integrated experience, install relevant app from
    • For Windows or Mac computer, use the Windows or Mac app. For audio, use computer audio or telephone.
    • Mobile app for Android, iPhone, iPad
  • For a more details about technical requirements, please visit
  • Questions are submitted using the chat function, so a microphone is not necessary. However, delegates may use the microphone or telephone to ask questions if they prefer.

Previous Webinar Recordings

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