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Get your plant collection mapped today


IrisBG is a complete botanical collection management solution for botanical gardens, arboreta and large estates. If you ask any botanical garden whether they would like to see their plant collection records integrated with maps, the answer in most cases is, YES PLEASE. One reason why this often is not a high priority, is the perceived …

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Getting started with QR Codes in your garden

IrisBG is a complete botanical collection management solution for Botanical Gardens and Large Estates. In addition to keeping your plant records up to date, IrisBG also supports numerous ways of producing your plant labels. In this article, we will describe how you can use IrisBG to produce plant labels with QR codes. What are QR …

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Using IrisBG with an Internet hosted database

This post was published October 1st 2011 and the content is now outdated. Please read instead our up-to-date article: IrisBG internet hosted database service An “IrisBG” system consists of a Windows Client and a database. The Windows Client can be installed on any PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The database is installed …

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