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It has been several weeks since my return from Miami and I was hoping to write this article sooner. However, my desire to include a re-recording of the presentation from the conference workshop “20 cool things you can do with your plant records”, required a bit of patience. The final point in the presentation included the new feature (The Task wizard) that was finalized this week and will be included in version 3.6.1 coming later this month. I hope you will find it worth the wait.

APGA delegates on a wet and interesting Everglade tour

APGA delegates on a wet and interesting Everglade tour

American Public Garden Association Annual Conference, Miami

We joined our first APGA conference in 2012 and signed up our first North American garden that same summer. After 4 years, we are very proud that the number of gardens and arboreta on the American continent has just passed 40. Many thanks to all of you There is no doubt that the APGA conference has been instrumental in this achievement and we already look forward to meeting the community again in Ontario, Canada next year. As always, the conference included an overwhelming amount of brilliant talks, discussions, tours and workshops.

For more details about the conference :

Thank you

Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth at the exhibit and the workshop on Friday. We would like to express our gratitude to the American Public Garden Association, Casey Sclar, Suzanne Moussa and the rest of the AGPA team for their fantastic work. The host gardens and army of volunteers did an amazing job of making us all feel very welcome. A special thank you goes to Greg Payton from our North American Reference Garden, The Dawes Arboretum, who helped out at the exhibit and workshop, and our guest speaker at the workshop, Martin Smit from our Reference Garden in South Africa, Stellenbosch Botanical Garden.

Montgomery Botanical Center

Montgomery Botanical Center

Prize Draw Winner

Our prize draw on Friday had a bit of comical drama, appearing to having been rigged when my own business card was pulled out of the bag as the winning ticket. However, our guest speaker at the workshop, Martin Smit, had run out of business cards and had written his name on one of mine. Congratulations Martin.

APGA Conference Workshop Recordings

We have compiled a Youtube playlist that contains the following recordings:

  • Introduction to IrisBG. This recording is from our User conference in Amsterdam earlier this year, but is similar to the presentation held at the workshop.
  • 20 cool things you can do with your plant records. We decided to re-record this session in able to go into more depht in the demonstrations.
  • Inclusive Collection Management at Stellenbosch Botanical Garden.

User Satisfaction Survey

Our work is primarily inspired through our dialogue with the user community. We believe this principle will increase our understanding of the needs of the community, which eventually will be reflected in the design of the software. From the feedback we receive, we have a general notion that user satisfaction is relatively good. However, we would of course much prefer to have this quantified in a user survey. A survey has been on our minds for some time now, but it turns out that someone beat us to it. Cornell Graduate, Emily Detrick, presented her poster at the APGA conference titled “Documenting living collections: A study of current plant records practices, challenges, and solutions for historic gardens”. Part of her study included a user satisfaction survey related to plant records and mapping systems within the community of “preservation gardens” in the United States. The result of the survey can be found below (By kind permission of the author). To view a pdf of the full poster, please click here.


List Wizardry with IrisBG Tasks (Nerd alert!)

Finally, I would like to present a new feature, The Task Wizard, shipping with version 3.6.1 later this month. The 2016 European User Conference in April, hosted by Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam included some very interesting presentations and discussions. The presentations by Anneleen Kool, University of Oslo titled “Knowing what you don’t have: using IrisBG for inventories and wish lists” and Ralf Omlor, University of Mainz, “The systematic garden: filling in gaps”. Both presentations discussed a similar challenge: How to compare a list of taxa with the plants you already have in your collection. A link to both presentations can be found below. In our presentation, 20 cool things you can do with your plant records, the final example includes an answer to this question.

The task wizard and other new features in version 3.6.1. will be discussed in our webinar next week, Thursday July 7th.

Recordings from the 2016 European User Conference


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