ArcGIS and IrisBG synchronization – Technical Preview

The long awaited solution to improve integration between IrisBG and ArcGIS is just around the corner. For many years, IrisBG users have been able to use ArcGIS base maps in IrisBG. In addition, map coordinates can be exported from IrisBG in KML or other tabular formats to be used in ArcGIS. However, organizations who use ArcGIS actively have been asking for a tighter integration between the two platforms.ArcGIS IrisBG Sync

Brian Morgen, Public Gardens Solutions Lead at Esri, has, together with the IrisBG team, developed a solution that will pull plant collection data from IrisBG into an ArcGIS map. The data layer is based on the Alliance for Public Gardens GIS data model. This first version also includes a hyperlink script to open IrisBG from ArcGIS to view more Accession details directly in IrisBG, such as planting history, images, etc.

To submit changes made in ArcGIS back to IrisBG, you will use the Data Import feature in IrisBG. The next phase of the project will be to look into ways of streamlining this process.

The video below demonstrates how the current version is configured and also includes a demonstration of the hyperlink feature. Please note that if you are interested in all the technical details, you may want to pause the video at times and select HD playback. If you would like access to the technical preview, please get in touch.


  • A reasonably up to date version of IrisBG with the mapping module.
  • The IrisBG database installed on SQL Server 2005 or later.
  • ArcGIS 10.3 or later.

The solutions will be made available free of charge.

For more details about Alliance of Public Garden GIS:


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