The Preserved Collection module provides you with the possibility to store details about all your preserved plant material alongside your living plant collection.

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Here are some of the key features you will find in the Preserved Collection module.
  • Preserved plant material is treated in a similar manner to living plant providing you with a consistent user experience.
  • Produce reports, maps, and search for specific preserved plant material separately or combined with living material.
  • Use the garden location screen to specify the different storage areas for your preserved material.

Recording preserved plant material as a separate collection

As an alternative to recording your preserved plant material alongside your living collection, you can also record your preserved material as a separate collection in IrisBG.

What is best for my situation?
If your preserved material is predominantly taken from plants found in your living collection, recording the preserved material alongside the living collection is usually recommended.

However, if a larger part of your plant material is taken from outside your living collection, a separate preserved collection is usually recommended.

As a separate collection, you have more flexibility on how each collection is handled by the system. The accessions can have a different accession numbering format from the living collection; user access is handled separately in each collection, etc.

Last Updated 27 Apr 2016
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